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Wireless Alarm System

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Product Description

Full Features:
•No need to plug into a phone line!
••Simply insert a SIM card into the wireless GSM Control Host
•Send text message or call up to 8 phone numbers automatically via mobile network, if an alarm occurs
•Can record and play voice message
•Can set to dial monitoring centre, police and owners
•Use a telephone to control your alarm system or you can control via the text message, from anywhere in the world
•Control Host has internal backup battery which last up to 15 hours when there is a power cut
•Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz for worldwide use
•Voice guide for easy operation
•Suitable for small office and home security
•Learning Code: If you wish to add additional sensors now or later, don’t worry about opening the sensor and manipulating jumpers. What you need to do is simply enter one equation using the keypad, then press a button on the sensor and done
•Support 40 alarm history records and status history records
•99 wireless defense zones: Each defense zone can be coded one wireless sensor, so totally can be coded 99 wireless sensors
•8 wired defense zones: can be totally connected 7 different defense zone’s wired sensors. (Each defense zones can connect N pcs wired sensors by using series connection)
•Support partial arm, schedule arm / disarm, arm (exit) delay and alarm (entry) delay
•The function of motion detecting with alarm (via PIR)
•Control Host has LCD which shows the time,date and the status of arm,disarm,menu,alarm etc.
•The keypad (with backlight) on the control host: arm/disarm/partial arm/emergency alarm/programmable function etc.
•Can store 8 phone numbers (2 for monitoring centre) and call these numbers when alarm is set off
•Can store 2 phone numbers for SMS alert and send SMS message to these number when alarm is set off
•You can set to dial monitoring centre, police and owners.
•Send SMS message when control host external power is cut or resumed.
•Can monitor the voice at the site remotely if an alarm occurs
•Can record 10 seconds voice message.
•Use remote control fob to arm, disarm, partial arm, panic from long distance
•Control the system by using SMS wherever you are, to arm / disarm
•Control the system by using calling-in wherever you are, to arm / disarm
•Send notification via when control host external power is cut or resumed.
•Start to work with the password, which ensure the safety of the system and the password can also be changed by the user.
•No need the telephone line, suitable for the garage, store, house, warehouse, shop and other places without network
•Wireless in signal transmission, no need to run wires and is a very easy DIY installation.
•Linear wireless transmission distance in open air without block for control host: up to 250m
5 Way to Control Alarm
•Keypad (on the alarm control host)
•SMS (text instruction to the alarm)
•Remote Control
•Phone Call

•Wireless Keypad (NOT included)
All batteries for sensors/detectors are not included
•1 x Wireless GSM Alarm Control Host
•1 x Wired Small Siren
•2 x Wireless Wide-Angle Anti-Tamper PIR Motion Sensor
•2 x Wireless Door/Window Contact
•2 x Wireless Remote Control Fob
•1 x UK Mains Power Adaptor for Wireless GSM Alarm Control Host
•1 x User Manual


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