BNC EXT LEAD-500x500

20 Meters Cable

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Product Description

20M 66FT Security CCTV CCD Surveillance Camera Power Video BNC RCA Cable

Save time on installation! These BNC + Power cables allows you to connect your digital video recorder and CCTV security cameras without the need for a costly additional power cable. It comes in a 65-foot length (20 meters) with video (BNC) and 2.1 mm power connectors on each end and transmits video signal and power at the same time. For a better video quality provides these cables low interference and low noise. You can run your camera further without any loss of signal.
* All in one video and power cable
* Plug and play ready
* Pre-made video and power connectors
* For both indoor and outdoor use
* Low interference and low noise for good quality
* Color: black
* Cable OD: 3.0mm
* Length: 20m
* Sheathing material: PVC
* Impedance: 9 Ohm
* Inner conductor Insulation: PE
* Inner conductor material: bare copper
* Operating Temperature: 0?-60?
* Cable type: 3*0.07mm²


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